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Building apps like Uber for your business

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Uber is a perfect example to understand how bringing together user experience (UX) principles, next-gen technologies and sounds architectural decisions can disrupt an industry and solve real-world problems at scale.

Uber has not only set the benchmark for ride-sharing apps or on-demand service apps, but also for all the to-be global businesses with the need for on-demand functionality at scale.

Before we deep dive into how we can build an app (web app or progressive web app or android or iOS app) for different business use cases, let us understand how an uber-like business app is set-up.

An on-demand service business model (like Uber) needs 3 different apps for 3 major stakeholders, namely Uber admins, drivers and ride takers.

1) Users’ App

This app will be used by ride takers. All businesses must emphasise more on user app as this will help you establish your brand.

The basic features of any user app are

  • Awesome UI and UX design

  • Registration and personal data management.

  • Login Integrations like login with Google/Facebook.

  • Push notifications

  • Payment Integrations

  • Feedback, rating and grievances

  • Listing, preferential suggestions of relevant services/ products variations

  • Opting for services like booking a ride or ordering food.

  • Geolocation (map) integration is a must for uber-like ride-sharing apps but can be a premium (or not required) feature for some businesses like online learning apps.

2) Service Providers’ App

The drivers are the service providers on Uber and this app shall add more value to service providers existing business processes and models.

The basic features of any service providers’ app are

  • Reports on services offered, earnings, taxes etc.

  • Reports on User Feedbacks

  • Personal Preference Management

  • Opting for active /inactive time of service.

  • Live suggestions on most liked data points on service providers

  • Heat map of users based on location and/or usage etc.

3) Admin App

This is basically an administrative app used by the core business team.

The basic set of features of this app are

  • On-boarding and/or approvals of users/ service providers

  • Grievance management

  • Financials

  • Reporting

  • Data analysis

Let us now take the example of building a healthcare application for diet and exercise prescription. We can broadly segregate the whole business model into 3 sub-apps.

  1. In this particular health app, the people looking for diet prescriptions for good health are the users and an app is needed specifically for these stakeholders.

  2. Doctors or dieticians are service providers. Service Providers’ App shall add value to their current workflows like easy access to user’s health history, graphical representations for easy understanding etc.

  3. The purpose of the admin app will remain the same as onboarding dieticians, approval, grievance management etc.

Now that we know broadly, how to build/structure an Uber like app let us see how much it would cost to build it. At CloudTara, we are known for fast execution and for going from idea to MVP in under 3 months.

Building an MVP version of Uber-like app will cost in the range of $10,000 USD to $15,000 USD and will vary depending on the set of features/functionality. The development will take approximately 2-3 months of time assuming a team of about 3 developers.

Do you want to hire our team of experts to develop an Uber-like app? We have the best app development team in India and are experts in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other modern tech stacks and frameworks. We are happy to share with our readers that we are already product development partner for global startups. Please feel free to read our customer reviews here. Plus we are headquartered in the silicon valley of India -- Bangalore! Feel free to shoot an email to us at



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