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How we went from an Idea to Prototype to Product?

CloudTara often comes across entrepreneurs who have great ideas but do not have the resources (access to engineering talent etc.) and/or the technical know-how to take the idea to the next level, be it a prototype or an actual product in production. Therefore, we recently launched the “IP2 (read IP squared — Idea to Prototype to Product) service to solve this gap and help entrepreneurs build successful products by building on their great ideas.

At a high-level, we start by building a lightweight prototype using an iterative Build - Measure - Learn * framework and partner with the entrepreneur on product management decisions along the way to iteratively develop a final product that meets the entrepreneur’s needs/vision. The iterative nature of the IP2 process allows the client to perform validations along the way and leads to efficient use of resources by avoiding a big-bang approach.

Customer Story:

We wanted to highlight the success of one such entrepreneur who came to us recently with a one-line description of his innovative idea within the retail e-commerce space. He liked the IP2 service that we offered and quickly go on-board to initiate the project.

We suggested to him that it would be good to start with a low-fidelity prototype of the idea to perform certain validations while keeping the costs low. He agreed and within a few weeks, we built a clickable prototype for him which he demoed to his potential customers.

Upon validation that the idea indeed had merit, he engaged us to further build on the prototype to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) **. The MVP comprised of just the minimal features that made the product viable in the market. This is where we brought CloudTara’s deep technology expertise to bear. We utilized a modular architecture that was fully API-driven to create the MVP comprising of Front-end (user-facing) and Back-end (business logic) components.

Technology Highlights:

In the ensuing weeks, we designed a highly responsive progressive web application with next-generation user experience using modern web technologies. The backend was built with scalable & reliable google firebase backend fine-tuned for a mobile-first experience. We thoughtfully recommended our client to go with a progressive web app built on the ionic framework instead of a mobile app to keep the costs low and allow the client to provide web as well as mobile experiences to his end-customers with a single code base.

Utilizing an MVP approach and an agile methodology we were able to deliver the product in a cost-effective manner. The client is in the process of validating the product in the market and thereafter plans to engage us for further development of the product with a more comprehensive set of features.

Strong Customer Focus:

At CloudTara, we were delighted to help our client, in this case, to go from an Idea to an MVP Product in a short time frame and in a very cost-effective manner, and more importantly, in an iterative manner with validations along the way. We are always looking for innovative ways of delivering meaningful value to our customers.

If you are in a similar situation and need to take your idea to the next level, please shoot us an email at and we would love to talk to you.

If your idea is fully baked and you now need help with execution then we have our “IT Project Execution” offering for you, wherein, we help businesses provide next-gen digital experience to their end-customers by building innovative, cloud-based, scalable and reliable products/platforms using Agile-Scrum methodology. Some areas of expertise are:

  • UI/UX Design

  • Next-Gen Cloud Application Development ( AWS | Google Cloud | Microsoft Azure )

  • App Development (iOS | Android | Windows | Hybrid)

  • Responsive and Progressive Web Applications ( PWA )

  • Enterprise Application Development ( Security | Compliance | Privacy )

  • API Platforms & Integrations ( Native | 3rd Party )

Please shoot an email to us at and we would love to talk about your needs.



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